Kids Yoga

My Kids Yoga sessions focus on creating a mindful state in kids through the use of storytelling, songs and movement. This gives each child the space to create cognitive awareness of how they are feeling through imaginative ways while developing coping and self soothing mechanisms for when those tricky feelings arise.

During my sessions, kids have the opportunity to learn about the calming effects that breathing has on their minds and bodies as it helps them trigger the parasympathetic nervous system in their bodies (a state of rest). The more time a child spends on that state during class, the more they are able to implement those skills later on in their every-day lives.

Of course kids yoga classes are not all sitting down and breathing. Having trained with the incredible Cosmic Kids Yoga and thanks to my background in acting I include the use of unique storytelling and songs by creating a combination of immersive yoga stories with familiar kid's songs and combine those with traditional yoga poses. This is an opportunity for each child to add to the story as we embark on our 'adventures' while learning about some of the core values of yoga philosophy like being kind, being present and grateful. 


To book a kid's yoga class either private or in a small group, you can contact me via email on